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threat, secretary of state john kerry warned russia any military in ukraine would be a quote, grave mistake. >> russia needs to be very careful in the judgments that it makes going forward here. we are not looking for confrontation. but we are making it clear that every country should respect the territorial integrity here. the sovereignty of ukraine. russia said that it would do that and we think it's important that russia keeps its word. >> kerry's counterpart in russia fired right back. he warned the west against forcing any decisions upon the interim ukrainian government. >> translator: it's dangerous and counterproductive to force upon ukraine a choice based on the principal you're either with us or against us. ukraine has to be a part of a global european family in the full meaning of the term. >> the crimea, the scene of fierce clashes today between pro and anti-russia protesters. the opposing groups were carrying russian and ukrainian flags. two people were killed in those demonstrations. and riots. more than 30 hospitalized. our first guest tonight says vladimir putin is cl
vietnam, cuba, venezuela, ni caragua singapore and other countries and back in november secretary kerry said the monroe doctrine is dead. did he just waved the flag for russian expansionism? >> that is one of many that the administration has been waving. as clap to america the monroe doctrine is not popular and tell it is needed then they want to know where the united states is of central and south america are very worried about russian participation adventurism and a return of russian military shows that putin thinks he is achieving his objective to reestablish hegemony and he goes for world power status again. no doubt. lou: i don't know what status about obama of the secretary kerry suggested the united states was rejecting the monroe doctrine because it would concern our neighbors to the south. which is the exact opposite but which is to protect the hemisphere spinet the whole point is so unnecessary. putin plays a long -- losing and long term because there energy reserves are depleting in western siberia , he needs western technology to develop eastern siberia. if united states had
today from the bloomberg news washington bureau. endira, welcome. en john kerry says beware of messages, what he' are -- what's he mean? >> that's trying to put on the record for the whole world to hear that the united states does not want russia to have a military intervention here. this has echos of the intervention by russia in georgia. the same kind of language preceeded that with russia talking about how it was in its national interest at stake. so the u.s. does not want to see that happen neither does the e.u. gwen: this is about a conflict involving europe and russia. increasely it involves u.s. an russia. is that a correct reading? >> a lot of people have jumped on this as an example of what they're calling a new cold war. it all depends on the lens through which you're looking and we've seen some editorial pages in washington talk about that, a new cold war. the obama administration is very keen to get away from that notion as much as possible. why? because obama knows that he needs putin and russia's support on other key international issues like iran, like syria, like north k
leader has called for ukraine's parliament to convene right away. secretary of state john kerry has been meeting with his own advisors, his own aides, he's also speaking with ukraine's leaders. lets bring in our foreign affairs reporter, she's getting new information. what are you learning, elise? >> reporter: i'm told secretary of state john kerry did speak today with the interim ukrainian president and why is that important? because right now the president has just said that he's ready to direct all of ukraine's resources to answer any russian intervention in ukraine. we look at what's going on in crimea right now, but we're also looking at the fact that over the last week, wolf, ukraine underwent some monumental changes, president yatsenyuk is out, a new interim leadership is there so the u.s. really wants to stand by this new fledgling leadership making it known that they're going to help with whatever is possible in economic and diplomatic support as they go through the next couple of days. >> some leaders are saying they will not show up to the g-8 meeting in sochi. - >> there was
to the government in kiev. so we're awaiting the president. his advisers, secretary of state kerry, national security adviser susan rice, have said that -- have warned russia against intervention in the affairs of ukraine, but there's been no indication how the u.s. might respond to it. >> can you give us a sense of this resurfacing of viktor yanukovych, who surfaced. where did he surface and give us an idea of what the surroundings were around that? >> well, he resurfaced in moscow, eric. said he was still the legal leader, if you will, of ukraine, though that is definitely not the white house belief. he said that he had fled out of fear for his own safety and that of his family, and gave no indication he was prepared to abdicate, though officials here say he has done precisely that by leaving the country at a time of crisis. they say ukraine's parliament acted lawfully in electing a transition government. it's that government the u.s. is working with along with nato and the monetary fund to provide ukraine the money it needs to get through this period. and as far as the folks here are conc
out of school for suspensions. >> kerri is going to talk about the specifics on the sheet that you have received. >> thank you. >> good evening, superintendent, and commissioners my name is kerri and i am the restorative practices program administrator, and a couple of documents that you have and one is more in depth outline of a draft time line, and that we have put together, and based on the request of the last meeting, and just to paint the picture as to what our thinking is currently in regard to moving forward with coming together, to think through how we are going to develop this implementation roll out plan. and so i would like to walk you through the one page, and colored chart. and that outline the plan and there are a lot of details in the other document that you can refer to. and but ultimately, what we are thinking that would be extremely helpful is to develop a couple of oversight teams in regard to the accountability of this resolution moving forward and so, what we would like is to develop an sfusd oversight team and that will be comprised of the various and the memb
the past two days. we heard again from secretary of state john kerry and he has spoken for a second consecutive day with sergey lavrov, warning about a russian incursion and sovereignty of ukraine. then we heard from jay carney, a warning of grave consequences if russia were to go into ukraine. then suddenly about 5:00 eastern time, president obama appeared in the briefing room and here's what he had to say. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation inside of ukraine. russia has a historic relationship with ukraine clul cultural and economic including cultural and economic ties. anything incursion would be deeply destabilizing which is not in the best interest of ukraine or europe. >> there would be a cost if russia been into ukraine. what would be the cost? military intervention on the part of nato or the united states, completely out of the question. what is the other? sanctions? earlier i spoke with an official and they said they are considering, the sochi winter olympics just concluding there, likely not going to go if this s
to sevastopol and the russian black sea fleet >> reporter: in washington, secretary of state kerry spoke with russian foreign minister sergei lavrov by phone. kerry said lavrov assured him that moscow has no designs on ukraine. >> i made it clear that intervention would, in our judgement, be a very grave mistake. i nevertheless, made it clear that that could be misinterpreted at this moment and that there are enough tensions that it is important for everybody to be extremely careful not to inflame the situation and not to send the wrong messages. he reaffirmed to me that president putin is committed and that as a matter of policy, they do not intend to violate the sovereignty of ukrainement. >> and this afternoon the united nations security council met to discuss ukraine. >> meanwhile the deposed president of ukraine viktor yanukovych renewed his claim on that post today in his first public appearance since he fled kiev last friday. he called the pending may 25 elections illegitimate, and the interim ukrainian leadership bandits, speaking in the russian city of rostovondon, hard by the
from u.s. officials ranging from secretary kerry, secretary hagel right up to the top, right up to the president. you saw his comments yesterday. it is a sobering development. the fact is, u.s. officials were already telling us yesterday that those masked troops on the ground as of yesterday in and around crimea were russian so now you have a public in effect acknowledgment from the russian government that the president wants to send troops in there, this authorization. i think the other point is that you can see this as an intelligence failure by the u.s. officials had been telling us in the last 48, 72 hours that it was their assessment that the russians would not go in, and here you have it happening. it is not the way they did it in georgia in 2008. you remember when russia sent troops into the country of georgia in 2008 in a more sort of visible, tangible invasion, tanks rolling across the border. there are no tanks rolling across the border but you do have a public authorization of force and more of maybe you can call it a stealth invasion, perhaps. you have the helicopter
kerri raised the issue with his russian counter part earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossing a line in any way. >> reporter: meanwhile in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a press conference in russian and blamed the west for the unrest in ukraine. >> i think that russia has to and must act knowing the character of mr. pouten i am surprised at the -- putin i am surprised at the fact he is so reserved is keeping silent. >> reporter: after a closed door meeting of the un security council the ambassador said it is keeping with military arrangements with ukraine. >>> tim cook said he would give shareholders a glimpse at new products and said he was joking. apple tv revenue surpassed $1 billion last year. >>> apple shares were down slightly on wall street as for the dow it closed down. >>> all hard working officers dedicated to this department. >> show of support for five san francisco police officers facing criminal charges. how they answered those chargewhat attorneys say abo
, new york. >>> kerry kennedy, the daughter of rfk and ethel kennedy was found not guilty today on the charge of driving while drugged. she was arrested in 2012 after swerving her car into a tractor-trailer. she testified that she accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of her daily thyroid medication, then got behind the wheel. >>> we are back in a moment to remember a man who helped inspire one of this year's oscar favorites. >>> we want to show you this spectacular scene that occurred in nature last night in the u.k. absolutely stunning colors, pink and purple and green stretching across the night sky from south wales to scotland and then to the west to ireland. the northern lights, an extra powerful show right now because we've just experienced the most powerful solar flare so far in the year 2014. >>> in the movie "gravity," which is up for best picture at the oscars sunday night, george clooney's character flies around using a jet pack in space while calmly repairing a satellite. that's been done in real life. the man who did it, astronaut dale gardner, has died at the a
hear the escalating alarm in secretary of state john kerry's voice. he spoke with sergei lavrov, his russian counterpart. jay carney's voice, he warned of a grave mistake if russia impinged upon the integrity of sovereign ukraine. president obama appeared in the briefing room at 5 o'clock and talked about cost to russia if they go ahead with what is apparently a military intervention. what are the costs. i spoke with a senior administration official. first and foremost they are talking about the g8. it's in sochi. that is familiar to most people, the site of the concluded winter olympics. hard to see how the g8, would join the americans and russia - it looks like that will be cancelled. russians said they want to keepen trade ties with the united states it's on hold. they are talking and pointing to the fact that the ruble appears to be losing value as part of the consequences that they see in the real world is taking place. >> president obama said a brief statement. here is part of it. >> we are now deeply concerned by reports of military movements taken by the russian federation in
. >>> and not guilty. >> very, very, very grateful. >>> just revealed, is kerry kennedy really dating a hunky actor, 19 years younger? >> what we have learned about her new guy. >>> then, you will never guess who was drunk and passed out at a casino. >>> and dead man walking. >> the man declared dead until he kicked his way out of a body bag at the funeral home. >>> plus -- >> blurred lines. >> -- singer robin thicke, he wants to win his wife back. >> i'm trying to get my girl back. [ cheering and applaus]
. you mentioned the pivot to asia. nominally there is a pivot to asia. secretary of state kerry and vice president biden both made special trips to asia to reassure the asians that it was real because they doubted that the commitment was real. the s decided to go it alone in the middle east because they doubted our commitment to syria. in all these areas of the world the sense is the united states is pulling back. if we cut the defense forces like this, they are going to start making deals with whoever they need to in those parts of the world. that will be to our detriment, for sure. >> in the past, in the '90s when bill clinton cut the defense budget to 3% of gdp of the overall economy from about 5.5% during the reagan era, the republicans put a floor under it. we had to build up post 9/11. where are are the republicans standing up and making any critique of this? >> there is little opposition. the opposition you hear, the opposition to base closings is the wrong opposition. we need to cut some of the overhead to focus on real war-fighting capabilities. there is an isolationist mood tha
just learned that secretary of state john kerry spoke with ukraine's acting president, all this, the latest in a series of dramatic events that have been unfolding, we have our correspondents around the world following all of the developme developments. elise, what's the latest we're hearing on the secretary of state john kerry, what is he doing. >> reporter: meeting with his a advisors, speaking with his advisors, wolf, he's in boston right now but we're told that he participated in this white house meeting of principals, the president's top national security advisors via videoconference, he also reached out to the ukrainian interim president, basically to show u.s. support for ukraine not only with russian troops entering the area, but also with this political upheaval that's going on for several months, culminating in the ousting of president yatsenyuk, right now the u.s. has to show support, even as it answers russian military moves, it can also show it's pressure on russia by reporting -- ukraine is very fragile right now, it needs all this natural gas. by showing support f
'll have more from secretary of state kerry on "meet the press" tomorrow. >>> and in china, at least 28 people killed by knife-wielding attackers at a train station what is called an order pre-medicipre h pre-meditated violent attack. >> reporter: pools of blood on the sidewalk, people urgently seeking news of loved ones, this could not be verified by nbc news but appears to show the aftermath of the attack at the train station, tonight, it looked like a morgue. eyewitnesss report seeing approximately ten people wearing a type of uniform, their heads covered with black hoods and running with knives 40 inches long. the chinese authorities are calling this a planned attack. one survivor said that everybody was trying to run away, the knife-wielding assailant striking at those who could not move fast enough. it is thought among the dead, five police, and several others captured alive. 40,000 people use this station every day. this was a surprise attack on saturday night which lasted about an hour. the local reporter said that the police officers stormed in to overpower the suspects, more t
. >> it it therered a scandal that threatened his career. >>> kerry kennedy is the daughter of the late robert kennedy. she was arrested in 2012 after she sideswiped a truck with her suv. police later found her on a local road passed out at the wheel. she took the generic version of the sleep prescription ambien. the lawyers said it was her name that led to her prosecution. kennedy admits she was able to afford a high-priced defense team. >> i real did have a great, grarkt great lawyers. most people don't have access to that. and we need to take a hard look at our criminal justice system in the i state to make sure that it really is just. >> in the statement the district attorney says keepdy was not acted any different because of her name. >>> actor philip seymour hoffman died because of an induction of heroin and cocaine. they call this a common trend which arch leads to accidental overdoses as was the case with hoffman. he was 46 years old. >> tiej to show you this sort of a head line. another storage tank has leaked. documents obtained by the "associated press" identifi
've all seen the public statements from u.s. officials, from secretary kerry, secretary hagel warning russia not to do exactly what appears to have happened now in the ukraine and that is, send russian troops in. u.s. officials believe these are russia troops. over time, they are getting a better handle and the extent of the troops. this is a scenario that some had warned me about. the idea of tran it would be something more sought tell, special ops and black ops to get more cover and you see the russians getting legal cover here. the ambassador to the u.n. saying that the movements fall within their bilateral agreement with the ukrainian government. >> nobody that we've talked to thinks that makes any sense at all. >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. i want to go straight to crimea tonight because cnn has a reporter on the ground there. diana magnay is in the southern part of the country where support for russia strong. ukraine is in yellow. the peninsula is in red. below there, american assessment shows military forces landed at a base in crimea. diana is there. you've been reporti
house, and vice president joe biden joined in by videoconference, and secretary of state john kerry also as videoconference joined in, and top officials at the meeting such as the director of intel jeps, and the joint chief of staff, and the secretary, and they were looking at the policy options in respect to ukraine and a lot of movement at the white house today when it come ts to the issue of ukraine. this white house and this president if you look at that statement very, very deeply troubled by the events unfolding. >> and well, jim, we also saw in the phone call, the readout from the phone call with president putin, but the first time that president obama has spelled out a penalty for russia's actions there and planning to cut off the attending the g-8 summit, and costs, he specified one of the potential costs, but as it escalates the white house has to consider other options if it does not have the teeth to the push the russian forces back. are you hearing about what the other options might be that the national security advisers are considering? >> well, at this point, and we should
that secretary of state john kerry reached out to the ukranian president today. you're having certainly high level contacts with the u.s., talk of a mediation mission, a talk of international monitors. do you think international monitors would be received well there? the capital? >> reporter: i think definitely they would be received well right now. i mean, ukraine has gone out and reached out to the united nations and the european unions to send these monitors. one of the big sticking points for the russians is they say that the ethnic russians in the crimea and other parts are going to be discriminated against, that they will become second-class citizens. and the government here has said that international monitors can observe and make sure that these people aren't being discriminated against. i think that plays very well into the ukranian government if they are allowed to move freely about the country. but you have a lot of difficulty in moving around in the crimea right now. so it would be interesting to see if they would be able to deploy freely throughout the entire country, jim. >> th
that by the false any means of a false sense of the fundamental kerry said the ukraine but most of the eu of course that he wants ukraine to eventually join the brawl but what why he would the eu wants ukraine which is a bankrupt country right now. it does everything for economic purposes was really for expressionism that is wrong. if we have with a friend i'll have to make his interests as well but it gets bad one just rely on a hike i participated in the debates in the european parliament this week on the ukraine crisis. i was one of the co authors in the gay shakers of the train resolution. i've been falling ukraine full more than ten years on hold them at will without a snooty of the of the of the order of merit of ukraine is a country that on an extremely well and i'm absent of the shoal that the intentional the government is to move in a western european direction of what provided the my down was the fat off to several years four years of negotiations of the last minute. mr yanukovich to the complete u turn i decided not to sign the association agreement not to sign the deep and comprehensiv
against interfering with her secretary kerry head and say everybody needs to step back and avoid provocations in this position somewhat conflicts with washington's very hands on approach to lie down why it's so windy with my johnny was about legitimate aspirations of ukrainian people now that it's a different part of the ukraine. western politicians tend to focus on the issue of territorial integrity and international law. washington is both so much support in the year behind my don that perhaps it's not surprising that you don't hear much about the legitimate aspirations of the will of the people living in tiny air or in other parts of ukraine did not supported to take over powering cute well for european reaction to events in ukraine is going live to london and told to go to chelsea. panic is a member of the european parliament no i'm europe's interests of course to recognize the new authorities in ukraine but mayo and unlimited power as a result of breaking a peace deal brokered with the help of the eu authorities said see you really do see them as legitimate. i'm afraid i do
in new york. a smile from kerry kennedy and her family. she was found not guilty of driving while impaired. of knowingly driving under the influence of a sleep aid. members of the kennedy family supported her in court all week. and today, the daughter of robert kennedy had a message for them. >> i want to thank my family and my friends, my mother, ethel kennedy, and my daughters. i'm just very, very grateful that justice was done. >> and by the way, that verdict was unanimous. >>> and also tonight, new tapes putting new heat on new jersey governor chris christie, all because of that traffic jam on the george washington bridge orchestrated by members of his inner circle. for the first time we're going to be able to take you there at the moment it was happening -- as frustrated, frantic people were calling for help. abc's senior national correspondent jim avila with the headline tonight. >> the gw bridge is totally gridlocked. >> stay out of the center of town. >> reporter: 911 tapes released today takes us inside the chaos that was fort lee, new jersey. when top aides of the govern
weight is lifted off the shoulders of kerry kennedy this morning. she was acquitted on friday of charges of driving under the influence of a drug. as kennedy tries to put the case behind her, there's lingering questions about why prosecutors pursued the case in the first place. >> reporter: after four days of testimony and a quick acquittal, kerry kennedy, 54, human rights activist and author was grateful it was over. >> i want to say thank you to the jury for returning this verdict. >> reporter: she is the daughter of rfk and ethel kennedy now 85 and with her through the trial. in july of 2012 on a suburban new york highway kennedy allegedly sideswiped a truck, blew out a tire on her suv while driving to her gym. police found her slumped over the wheel. at the time kennedy claimed she had mistaken by taken a sleeping pill instead of a thyroid medication. >> i have no memory until i was stopped at a traffic light and a police officer was at my car door. >> but prosecutors charged her with driving while impaired insisting that even though she had mixed up her medication she still had comm
is coming out strong and secretary kerry coming out strong and it is unclear what the ukrainian government can do other than pass resolutions and release the statements about the movements. >> the government buildings are in the control of those men. what is the response from regular people in kiev that you have spoken to? >> they are deeply concerned. i talked to the people and how they feel about crimea. but the people here do believe that the government needs to defend crimea, but they are not identifying with them because they east to russia and the people here looking to the west to europe and they are part of the ukraine and the government has to defend the sovereignty and the territory and talking about putin this or that and not nice comments that the people are saying here, but they want to see the government stand up for itself and see the government actually say look we have to draw the line in the sand and that is what the they asked the former president, asking viktor yanukovich is stop looking to russia and look to europe and that is when he crossed the line. there is a sense
is not speaking with one voice, if we're to believe what secretary of state kerry has said, what the british and the fench officials said, they were assured boy ty the russian fore minister that there would be no military intervention. then you have the parliament taking action you've got the forces that somehow seem to be aligned with russia, militias that do their bidding there, and they're more sophisticated than just militias, they're there violating a promise that they made that they wouldn't be there. russians have told the world that they would not be intervening militarily. they've got these military exercises that they say were co-incidental as you say, not only 150,000 troops, but hundreds of tanks and aircrafts and dozen of artillery and other kinds of weaponry that's happening there. they are flexing their muscle, the question is how hard are they going to flex and how far are they going to take this flexing and will robust diplomacy go to work right now to use all the leverage possible and to stop, you know, sort of -- i'm sorry, but not standing up to russia's moves which russi
note that secretary of state john kerry will also be speaking with bob schieffer tomorrow morning on "face the nation." chinese state media is reporting 28 people were killed and 113 injured in what's being called an orchestrated knife attack in the southwestern part of the country. this took place in kun-ming when a group of men reportedly wearing all black stormed a busy train station and began stabbing people with long knives. the attackers were shot and killed by police. now to southern california, where the headline is be careful what you wish for. after months of drought, they're now getting pounded by rain. nearly nine inches of rain had fallen at dam since friday. nearby crystal lake has gotten more than 7. the 5 inches. the big concern? the hills east of los angeles, which are still at high risk for mudslides tonight. john blackstone is there. >> reporter: the storms blew in from the pacific with rain, wind, and waves that threatened oceanfront homes in malibu. beaches disappeared in the storm surge. many places in the los angeles area recorded 2-4 inches of rain since f
.s. involvement. you've been discussing options on the table for secretary kerry and president obama. you talked about how an essential focus here is getting russian buy, in trying to convince the russians they can have a part, a relationship with a unified ukraine with the government going forward. how much of a priority is that? >> reporter: i think that's going to be the big priority, jim. nobody wants to see this escalate. and we've been talking throughout the day about how the u.s. and russia have so many issues that they're working on together. on syria, on iran. definitely don't want any of those to suffer and don't want to see any type of military intervention getting any larger in ukraine. so i think right now the discussions are centered around how can they send a message to president putin not just that there will be costs which is the stick but what's the carrot, that if you can be part of the solution, if you could help develop a strong independent democratic ukraine you can have wide-ranging relationships on the diplomatic, political and economic front with ukraine similar to a cou
. good you could hear the escalating alarm in secretary of state john kerry's voice. in jay carney's voice, the white house spokesman, they warned of a grave mistake if russia was to interfere in the sovereignty of ukraine. it all came about around 5:00 this afternoon, when president obama appeared in the briefing room, talked about costs to russia. what are those costs? john, i've spoken to a senior administration potential, they're talking about the g-8, it's in sochi, the site of the just concluded winter olympics. how to see how the g-8 participants, the europeans would join vladimir putin in g-8, looks like it will be cancelled if events continue the way they are now. they're also talking and pointing us to the fact that the rubel appears to be losing value at this point. consequences, in the real world are already taking place. president obama had harsh words, a beef statement but part of what he had to -- brief statement but part of what he had to say: >> we are concerned about military movements taking bin the russian federation inside ukraine. russia has historic any viola
. >>> kerry kennedy was acquitted of charges of driving under the influence of a drug. the 54-year-old daughter of the late senator robert f. kennedy was charged with driving while impaired after swerving off the road and into into a tractor trailer. >>> actor philip seymour hoffman died from a toxic mix of drugs, including heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepine and amphetamines. the new york medical examiner's office released its findings today ruling the death an accident. >>> a house next door to spike lee's former home in brooklyn was vandalized just days after the director made a profanity-laced critique of gentrification. someone spray painted do the right thing on the building's facade and broke the glass on the door. "do the right thing" was the name of spike lee's film. >>> a coroner had pro nowed this man dead at his home. his heart started beating again. now he's in a hospital. >> so bizarre. crazy. susan, thanks very much. jau. >>> jason collins is making history as the first openly gay player in the nba. up next a cnn exclusive he opens up about how his week back has been and
heridos john kerry dijo que el gobierno de washington estÁ trabajando con colombia y otros paÍses para lograr una salida a la crisis. >> de venezuela pasamos a mÉxico donde una turba la emprendiÓ a golpes contra dos sujetos acusado de ser extorsionadores y secuestradores fueron quitados de los policÍas. >> por las personas que estuvieron apunto de lincharlos, 4 policÍas resultaron lesionados. >> un duro golpe dieron las autoridades en china a un negocio, desmantelaran 4 bandas que vendÍan bebes en internet, mÁs de mil personas terminaron tras las rejas. >> rompen el silencio los padres del bebÉ que tuvieron que dar respiraciÓn boca a boca en una carretera de miami, la tÍa del pequeÑo saliÓ esperada de su autobÚs cuando ayuda y terminÓ salvandole la vida a este bebÉ de 5 meses, el evento quedÓ registrado en fotos. >> hable con los padres de sebastiÁn quienes nos hablaban del estado de salud del pequeÑo y tambiÉn una buena noticia. >> fue algo bien doloroso para todos... para mÍ... que no estaba al lado de Él... mi esposa ella estÁ embarazada... >> la madre del peque
on the telephone the british prime minister and the german chancellor the us secretary of state john kerry has also been speaking with his counterpart from russia said the law for all. while we were told. they are not engaging in any the violation of the sovereignty and do not intend to i nevertheless the made it clear that that could be misinterpreted that this moment and that there are enough tensions that it is important for everybody to be extremely careful not to inflame the situation and not send the wrong messages meanwhile inside of russian twenty four hours and she reappeared. ukraine's ousted president staging a full blown press conference. he shrugged off his arrest warrant against him. richter yanukovich instead calling for he called a referendum before it's too late. ousted from power i am forced to flee and wanted the mass mad at her thinking that it makes sense since he is still didn't get to the president of ukraine. the new su no power in ukraine has been seized by nationalists in stitches. fascist forces the street which represents an absolute minority. the new transport you to re
is not in the interest of ukraine, russia or europe. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry raised the issue with his russian counter spot earlier friday. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossings a line in any way. >> reporter: mean while in russia, the ousted ukrainian president emerged for the first time since last week. he held a press conference in russian and blames the west for the unrest in ukraine. >> i think that russia has to and must act. knowing the character of mr. putin i'm surprised to the fact that he's so reserved at keeping silent. >> reporter: at the closed door meeting the russian ambassador said any russian movement that crimea are keeping with arrangements with ukraine. >>> a cheese recall because of fears of listeria has been expand. ment some products were linked to a death in california and illnesses in new port. now the recall is expanded to include cremapura mexicana sour cream. the products were distributed in several states. >>> and this next story is one made of nightmares. a man was declared dead. williams was then placed in a body bag
. we are concerned about the middle east peace process. we are concerned that john kerry has been pushed into this. it's a serious issue. stagesnately, at various of his campaign, he was played with either new ukrainian authorities. for instance, the first meeting he had with the new chairman of the rada, their press service reported that he supported the current processes. what it meant onto those circumstances when n -- was not clear. the day before there was the february 21 agreement that was supported by the secretary-general. if the representative was there, you would them to support this agreement which was signed the day before. then we are given the expedition that he did not really say or mean it. what he said was completely different. is treading on very difficult ground. if you are asking again about crimea,ibility of the if the authorities are ok with that, why not? it's not a situation where one can improvise. muchnk we have seen too improvisation rather than sticking to the solid ground of the february 21 agreement. situationere was the at the beginning of the syrian
adviserer, secretary kerry, all worning russia it would be a grave mistake to intervene in ukraine when it appeared the diplomatic efforts were failing. president obama came out with a stern warning. here is more of what he had to say. >> throughout this crisis, we have been clear about one fundamental principal. the ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to decide their own future. we urged an end to the violence and urge the ukrainians to stabilize their country for a broad based government and move to elections this spring. >> reporter: now, u.s. officials will continue to monitor the situation closely. i anticipate there will be a flurry of high level phone calls. vice president biden called the prime minister of ukraine yesterday, reiterated the fact the u.s. supports it government there, commended the government on the restraint it has shown so far. u.s. officials have been adamant about the fact this is not a return to cold war tensions between the united states and russia. alex, there is no doubt this is certainly adding to what is an increasingly tense relationship between th
-old kerry johnson. the pair quickly wed and price went to work granting his bride's wishes. he took her and her four children to disneyland paris and whisked her off to new york for shopping. they booked another trip but they ran out of time. he died in his wife's arms and the funeral was in the same church where they loved. he told the bbb, if his love could have saved him, he would have lived together. he said he lived completely in the moment and taught me to do the same. >> next, our storm watch continues in the santa cruz mountains where residents have been dealing with flooding, fallen trees and some minor slides. and despite all of the recent rain, what people in one bay city will have to do because of the drought. delicious, but say i press a few out flat, add some beef, sloppy joe sauce and cheese, fold it all up and boom! delicious unsloppy joes perfect for a school night. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't wait for awesome... totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds. ♪ totino's pizza rolls gets you there in just 60 seconds
to the love of his life, 29-year-old kerry johnson. the pair quickly wed and price went to work granting his bride's wishes. he took her and her four children to disneyland paris and whisked her off to new york for shopping. they booked another trip but they ran out of time. he died in his wife's arms and the funeral was in the same church where the pair wed. he told the bbb, if his love could have saved him, he would have lived together. he said he lived completely in the moment and taught me to do the same. >> next on the abc7 saturday morning news, our storm watch coverage continues in the santa cruz mountains where residents have been dealing with flooding, fallen trees and some minor slides. and the recent rain, what people in one north bay city will have to do because of the drought. >> we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's live on the rooftop of the broadcast center. how is it looking out there? >> breezy and cool. most of the activity is sinking south. we have light rain around the bay area. it shows from vallejo to po
the record. apparently senator kerry will is one of the architects of the syrian policy in a conversation with some of his colleagues in the senate readily admitted that the policies basically failed. the chemical weapons have not been moved out in any significant way and al qaeda is getting stronger. according to this private recorded conversation written about in "the new york times" he is arguing for arming the moderate opposition and not allowing this process to take a different track and that is from one of the architects of the current policy himself. so i mean you know i'd knowledge there are big challenges here at there are also challenges and risks of not getting involved. >> i would add to that very quickly rachel i basically agree that the time for a big intervention to topple the regime is gone. that would have been in the first, in that first nine months of the uprising when it was peaceful and democratic. in the first few months of the armed conflict before the jihadi's came in before al qaeda was so pervasive on the ground. i think that was a much riper moment and certainly
. but there was a headline on your website referring to michele troll getsretiring goaded." said that kerry russian intervention would be a mistake. he says any declaration from this of menstruation carries a weight of a feather. better than nothing, better still would be backing these words with the flotilla and the black sea. after the united states was leading europe to counter russian pressure and make up for its punishments until the ukraine is on a firm footing. you agree with that assessment? the weight of this administration carries the weight of the feather? caller: yes, i do. mr. putin will do what he wants to do. he will do that. pretty much anything is going to do what they want to do. china, whoever. not much we can do right now. we are so wounded right now with the current president. he much the rest of the government. especially the senate right now. referringclip you are to is not a c-span clip by the user created clip. we will certainly look into that for you. let's go to ronald waiting in monterey, california. on our line for independents as we continue to talk about the ukraine t
kerry they would not invade ukraine and said this troop movement was allowed in a treaty they previously had with ukraine but president obama came to the white house briefing room to urge putin to stop. >> any violation of ukraine's sovereigncy and territorial integrity would be deeply destabilizing which is not in tint of ukraine, russia or europe. it would represent a profound interference in matters that must be determined by the ukrainian people. >>> most here agree there's little the u.s. can do or some say even should do since we need putin's cooperation on issues more critical to the u.s. than ukraine like iran and syria and north korea and guessing by some here putin will not send masses of troops into the central part of ukraine. world will be watching, larry, to see if russian troops in the crimea act like invaders or peacekeepers. back to you. >> putin has double crossed us in most of those place us mentioned particularly syria and iran to a lesser extent but still north korea. i want to know, you mentioned this, first time i heard about it. russia is saying they have some kin
in the ukraine saying there will be costs, this after russian forces took over two airports in crimea. >>> kerry kennedy expressing gratitude in new york after she was found not guilty of driving drugged. kennedy says she accidentally took a sleeping pill. >>> the death of philip seymour hoffman has been ruled accidental, saying he died of an acute mix of heroin and other drugs. now back to "hardball." >>> welcome back to "hardball." whether it's still 884 days left until election day 2016. but the clinton machine is already revving up. everyone's got their part. as nbc's first read puts it, hillary will talk policy and be the statesman. bill will be the campaigner and the pac, the political action committee will handle rapid response. well, this week we saw it all take shape. today the rapid response team went into action when the clinton-leaning interest group american bridge, a pac founded by david brock of media matters, took aim at rand paul for dredging up the 1990s with this new web. here is part of it, this web ad. >> trust me. i was there the first time we litigated this, and americans
to leave ukraine. he is now in southern russia. secretary of state john kerry spoke on the phone with his russian counterpart friday and said he made it clear to the russian foreign minister not to intervene. >> the question is whether or not what is happening now might be crossing a line in any way and we are going to be very careful in making our judgments about that. >> reporter: the obama administration wants to focus on the political transition in ukraine's capital to help keep the country stable. craig boswell for cbs news, the state department. >> the white house says the president could skip an international summit in russia this summer if the crisis escalates. >>> six officers sworn to uphold the law are accused of breaking it tonight among the charges stealing drugs and money. kpix 5's linda yee was there when the officers appeared in federal court today. >> reporter: well, ken, they are accused of bullying suspects and in some cases even committing crimes with them, serious charges that, if found guilty, they could face up to 20 years in prison. they are accused of being dirty
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government. and the great reason for that doubt is because of the things that john kerry said about the boycotts, which is a ridiculous way to treat israeli companies that are providing jobs for palestinians, giving a better way of living than they've ever had, and our response from the united states has been to basically join in the politically correct criticism of that. and that makes no sense at all. the best way to achieve peace in the middle east between israelis and palestinians is for us to butt out of it and let them build some economic partnerships, give people the opportunity to prosper and grow. take better care of their families. but we're never going to settle this in terms of the nutty idea of giving away land for peace. you end up with neither land nor peace and i think most israelis have come to the conclusion that that's a nonstarter for them. >> okay. we'll keep close watch on that. in tonight's show, of course, the big show on our network, i know you got some very important guests coming up. >> we do. we have two retired generals, one retired navy commander, the c
of investigating what their options would be. >> well, i think various cabinet secretaries like john kerry and chuck hagel have been working the phones on both sides, with putin, leaders in ukraine, ange angela merkel. the president has communicate to putin we can't afford a retriggering of cold war lines, that ukraine should not be forced to choose between moscow on one side and europe of the both. chuck hagel had a talk today with the russian defense minister, a very, very tough talk and officials said it was conveyed in our eyes russia invaded ukraine today and then asked for permission later from the russian parliament. >> sure. heather, to that point, though, what options does president obama really have? we're talking about things like potential sanctions, like boycotting the g-8. but what leverage does the united states really have with russia at this point? >> we have some but it's limited. the political consequences, which we are talking about boycotting the g-8 and perhaps making it the g-7 and disinviting russia. they no longer really bronx in that group. you would see targeted
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